Aussies swapping desks for being their own boss

Mumtreprenuer says she has more free time than ever after giving up her day job
More control over hours is one motivating factor in setting up a business
V.I.P Home Services

An Aussie mum who swapped her day job for starting her own business says its given her more freedom and flexibility than ever – and just six months into her new venture she’s already employing three people.

Jayde Magill is one of a growing number of Aussies who, instead of dreaming of a lifestyle change, are actually making one.

‘I worked long hours, never had enough time to be involved with my kid, and had no energy left for the weekend to enjoy life,’ Jayde, who spent two decades working for other people, said.

The mum decided to become a franchisee of V.I.P Home Cleaning, run by V.I.P Home Services, and says she’s managed to find a better work-life balance and is around for her sons’ school pick-up and drop-offs.

Man stands in front of work van
More control over hours is one motivating factor in setting up a business (Credit: V.I.P Home Services)

Jayde’s cleaning services franchise business already has around 70 clients, with benefits of being a franchisee including training, help with potentially new skill areas like accounting and client management and marketing.

Instead of building a business from scratch, V.I.P. Home Cleaning franchisees can use their pre-existing business name and brand, uniform, pricing structures and equipment, meaning it’s easier to get up and running than it would be going it alone.

Meanwhile, Duane Slabbert from Parkside, SA, swapped life as a desk-bound data analyst for a more rewarding and hands on role as a V.I.P. Home Cleaning franchisee. And he hasn’t looked back since he quit his 9-5 for life as an entrepreneur.

‘The franchise model offers a proven business strategy that reduces the risk typically associated with starting a new business,’ Duane said.

‘Being part of a recognised brand opens many doors and provides a level of trust with clients that would be hard to achieve on your own.

‘It’s an ideal path for those looking to venture into entrepreneurship with a support system backing them.’

Man stands in front of work van
Duane Slabbert is now a franchise owner (Credit: V.I.P Home Services)

Former bus driver Rameshinder Jassal, from West Pennant Hills, NSW, is hoping to turn his venture as a V.I.P Lawns & Gardens franchisee into passive income in the future, by employing people like Jayde has.

‘There is great scope to expand your business if you’re happy to employ others,’ he said. ‘Ultimately you can change this business into a passive income business.’

Like Jayde, he was motivated to set up his venture in order to spend more time with his family. But he’s also found it beneficial for his bank balance – and his health.

Rameshinder said, ‘I have become more fit than I was before, I have more free time and my earnings have almost doubled.’

Find out more about starting a franchise from V.I.P Home Services here.

Gardening and cleaning services are popular new franchises in Australia

Starting a small business

Going it alone can be daunting – there’s a lot to consider in terms of creating a business plan, obtaining any necessary licenses, permits or insurance, and navigating tax.

There are lots of ways to go about it, but one popular option is to become a franchisee and start a new franchise – be it in the industry you work in or, for the adventurous, a brand new one.

What is a franchise?

Franchise models, which are used by companies from 7-Eleven to Laser Clinics, and from KFC to Anytime Fitness, allow budding entrepreneurs to make use of the franchisor’s branding and business systems.

According to the Franchise Institute, last year more than 600,000 Aussies were employed in the franchise industry, which has a market size of $169.5 billion.

Why start a franchise?

For people who’ve never run a business, it’s a great way to get to grips with the ropes and hit the ground running by getting support from the franchisor and having access to logos and uniforms and other essentials.

Of course, setting up any new venture requires careful consideration and research, but for those looking to have a greater say in the hours they work and when, a better work-life balance, and a boost in come, starting a franchise business could be the answer.

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