Aussie mum’s ‘breastmilk soap’ brainwave makes for booming business

She had a creative solution to a common problem breastfeeding mums all face.
Jasmine Overton

When Jasmine Overton’s sister had a baby, she complained of a common problem a lot of new mothers have. She was simply making too much milk than her new bub needed.


Pumping and freezing the milk helped make her more comfortable, but before long her bub didn’t need breastmilk and there was all this stuff left over!


That’s when Jasmine, 37, had what she calls her ‘light-bulb’ moment. With her sister Chrystal’s permission, she combined the excess breastmilk with natural oils and turned them into bars of soap for her sister!


‘It’s liquid gold, full of vitamins and minerals and so good for your skin,’ Jasmine from Mudgeeraba, Queensland, Australia, said of the breastmilk.


Jasmine will only prepare the soap for mums from their own breastmilk, saying its a ‘highly personalised’ product.


‘My sister loves it because it’s made from her own milk. It’s all natural,’ Jasmine said.


Jasmine said she would have loved to have done it with her own breastmilk, and is honoured when she’s able to whip up special batches for her lactating friends.


Jasmine also makes soaps from goats’s milk, cocoa butter, and other natural ingredients which she sells through her store – Rosie Posie Handcrafted Creations.

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