Woman living with two men inspired to invent own bathroom deodoriser!

The post-flush toilet drops have been called a 'marriage saver'!
Founder Jess Ruhfus

When Australian Jess Ruhfus found herself living with her boyfriend and a male flatmate during lockdown, she realised life could be a bit sweeter!

The 32-year-old from Balgowlah, NSW, walked past the bathroom one day in their small flat and ‘gagged’ on the pong

After asking the men, who shared the apartment’s one bathroom with her, to remember to use the air freshener she’d bought, she got thinking… and No.2 loo fragrance was born!

She told Take 5 magazine, ‘With all of us working from home, this meant we became a little too intimate with each other’s toilet use!’

Buying different bathroom air fresheners, none really did the job. Jess wanted to avoid anything too synthetic, and wasn’t thrilled about breathing in any spray.

Taking an online course in essential oils chemistry, she combined a mix of oils to make a citrus smell and used an alcohol base to create drops which could be sprinkled into the toilet to suppress any nasty odours.

Woman in bathrobe holding bottle at bathroom door
Jess Ruhfus, No.2 founder (Credit: No.2)

The drops are designed to be dropped into the loo after it’s flushed, and to relieve the space of bad bathroom smells with a speedy 30 seconds.

And she chose a discreet bottle so the product blends into any bathroom shelf or cabinet.

Her initial batch of 1000 bottles proved a hit with friends and social media followers, and within two weeks her creation, which she called No. 2 as a cheeky homage to Chanel No. 5, had completely sold out.

The bathroom air freshener drops are cruelty-free, all natural and made in Australian.

Jess said, ‘Many people have called it a marriage-saver!’ In fact, people are even subscribing to the ‘reputation-saving’ product.

As well as being put to work in bathrooms around the nation, the drops are also proving popular in hotels and now come in a mini travel-sized bottle for banishing bad bathroom smells on the go.

No.2 is available in 100ml ($29.00) and in a mini travel size ($15.00). To shop, click here.

Photo: No.2 Post-Flush Perfume Drops

Formulated with essential oils, notes of Mandarin, Geranium & Lemon Myrtle nullify unwanted smells, keeping your reputation intact.

Photo: No.2 Post-Flush Perfume Drops Mini


Great for airline travel, public bathroom emergencies, weekends away, new relationships & anyone who uses the loo.

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