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Meth dealer gets $100,000 compensation payout because jail food ‘worsened his diabetes’

South Australia forks out six-figures to jailed drug dealer.

A man sentence to jail until 2020 for dealing meth and other drugs has successfully won a six-figure payout from the South Australian government after he claims prison conditions caused his diabetes to get worse.

Bruno Tassone claims that during his imprisonment the meals he was provided were not appropriate for a diabetic, and he was denied treatment. This caused significant damage to his eyesight.

Commissioner for Victims’ Rights, Michael O’Connell, defends the decision saying that while it may enrage people that a convicted meth dealer can claim such a payout, Tassone still has rights:

He was wronged while in prison, he is entitled like any other victim to apply for compensation.’

The defense meanwhile said Tassone had a history of managing his condition poorly, the prison supplied food that was appropriate for a diabetic, and that he chose to eat the wrong things.

Bruno Tassone’s lawyers will received roughly $40,000 of the money, with Tassone keeping the rest, plus $10,000 compensation for medical costs.

Anyone who considered themselves a victim of the serial drug-dealer is invited to make a claim for a share of the payout, which is being held in the Prisoner Compensation Quarantine Fund, reports The Advertiser.


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