True Crime

This is the horrifying story of an orangutan kept as a $2 sex slave

WARNING: Disturbing content
Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

Rescuers have recounted a disturbing story of a female organutan kept as a $2 sex slave in a Borneo brothel.

Pony, an endangered Bornean organutan, was found 15 years ago, chained to the wall, lying on a dirty mattress and wearing a face of makeup.

The ape had been abused for years by palm oil farmers who would pay to have sex with her, according to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.

Snatched from her mother as a baby, Pony was horrifically abused by her captors in Kareng Pangi village, Central Kalimantan.

They would paint her face with makeup, put on earrings and shave her whole body every two days, leaving her riddled with sores and mosquito bites.

No-one knew how long Pony had been there. The house owner strongly refused to give up Pony. To her, Pony was a cash machine and a source of luck,’ BOSF states. 

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation
(Credit: Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation)

She was even taught how to perform sex acts on demand for her ‘customers’.

When she was discovered, it took 35 armed policemen for her perverted captors to finally hand over Pony.

Pony was given immediate medical attention and was slowly introduced to her fellow orangutans, allowing her to develop social skills.

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation
(Credit: Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation)

Thankfully, after 15 years of care and treatment, the oranugtan is healthy and doing well.

‘This gorgeous female is now 21 years old and in a very good health. She has a good appetite and engages with the skill-enhancing enrichment tools provided by our team members,’ BOSF wrote in a statement.

‘We hope Pony can one day be successfully introduced to a pre-release sanctuary island with other unreleasable orangutans like her, but we are also realistic in the knowledge that her sad history in human captivity has ultimately damaged her in ways that she will always need our support’

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