Honeymooning couple rush home to their baby shaken so hard he was blinded

An unthinkable attack at the hands of someone they trusted the most.
The Western Weekender

A couple rushed home from their honeymoon to devastating news that their seven-month-old baby was on life support in ICU with horrific injuries.

Mum-of-two, Elise Webber, 29,  told that’s life! that as her honeymoon approached she was so grateful that her kids, Olivia, six, and Bobby, seven months, would be looked after by her sister, Casey, and Casey’s fiancé, Andrew.

‘He’d been part of our family for 12 years – I loved him like a brother,’ Elise said.

But only three days into their trip, they rushed home after being told Bobby was in the intensive care unit, fighting for his life.

bobby in hospital
Bobby was admitted to hospital with horrific injuries. (Credit: Supplied)

While Casey had taken Olivia to the movies, little Bobby was left with Andrew – who said he didn’t know what happened.

‘He said he fell asleep on the lounge and someone must’ve broken in and attacked Bobby. I completely believed him,’ Elise recalls.

But as the extent of Bobby’s injuries became clear, it was harder to believe the claim.

Bobby had broken ribs, skull fractures, burst blood vessels in his eyes, fractured vertebrae, bruised genitals, and bite marks on his little body.

andrew nolan
Elise couldn’t believe that Andrew was capable of such a thing. (Credit: Supplied)

A month after the attack Andrew Nolan, 34, was arrested and later plead guilty to causing grievous bodily harm. He was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in prison, but Elise’s family are fighting to increase his sentence.

‘Andrew’s never offered a reason why he bashed my boy that night. I’ll never forgive him,’ Elise said.

Miraculously, Bobby did recover from the attack however he is permanently blinded, a quadraplegic, and now lives with brain damage and epilepsy.

‘Despite everything he’s been through, he’s still a cheeky and incredible boy,’ said Elise.

‘He’s the bravest boy I know and I’ll devote my life to making him happy.’

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Elise and Barry with daughter, Olivia, and little Bobby. (Credit: The Western Weekender)

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