Elderly couple die within minutes of each other

Like the scene straight from The Notebook.
Getty Images

An elderly couple from Chicago were married for 69 years and died within just minutes of each other.

Teresa and Issac Vatkin were admitted to hospital in April. Isaac was suffering from influenza and his wife Teresa had pneumonia.

Teresa passed away on April 23 at midnight.

Her daughter, Clara, revealed her father stopped breathing when his hand was separated from Teresa’s.

“I saw it with my own eyes,” she told the Chicago Times. “All of a sudden, when their fingers separated, he just stopped breathing.”   

Their son Daniel said his father’s final words were: “I’m done protecting her. I can go and rest as well.”

Their love story has drawn parallels to The Notebook, which tells the story of a couple who fall in love as teenagers and die at an old age within moments of one another.

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