Doctors remove live eel from patient during operation

Warning: graphic images.

Video footage that has recently surfaced shows a live eel being pulled from a man’s body.

The eel was removed from the patient’s stomach and appears to be wriggling as it’s extracted.

The video was posted on LiveLeak and is thought to be from China.

(Credit: Liveleak/ Lake8737)

It is possible the patient in the video is the same person who put an eel up his anus last month.

The man known as Liu, 49, arrived in ER at a hospital in the Bayun District last week complaining of a bloated stomach and severe stomach cramps reports Guangzhou Daily.

(Credit: Liveleak/ Lake8737)

Rushed into surgery, doctors were horrified to find a 50cm long eel that had ruptured the man’s intestines and was lodged in his body.

Surgeons removed the sea creatures and were amazingly able to save Liu’s life.

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