Child bride, 5 and groom, 9, rescued by social services

Footage shows the girl sobbing as she gets carried into protective custody.
CEN/Studio N News

A child bride, 5 and groom, 9, were rescued by India’s Child Welfare Department as they stood at the altar about to get married.

The wedding was due to take place in Mambapur, Telangana state, central India before social services intervened.

Dramatic footage from CNN shows the little girl sobbing as she is taken into protective custody.

(Credit: CEN/Studio N News)

Balala Hakkula Sangham charity member Achyuta Rao said the wedding was the family’s reaction to a recent death.

“As per their custom, no relative will enter their house after the death of a family member, unless they perform an ‘auspicious event’ and celebrate it,” she explained.

Child welfare services are putting increased pressure on the Indian government to end child marriages.

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