Hazel the blind cat finds forever home after being taken in by RSPCA Queensland

Such good news!
RSPCA QLD/Facebook

A blind cat named Hazel has found her forever home after coming close to losing her life.

Hazel was anaemic and small for her age when she was taken to RSPCA Queensland in October last year.

The kitten, who was about six months old at the time, weighed only 900g.

Both her eyes were sunken in and, with damage to her right eye, she was only able to see minimally out of one eye.

During her time in foster care, Hazel became lethargic and didn’t gain weight.

“Her outcome wasn’t looking good,” RSPCA Qld said on Facebook.

As a last resort, Hazel was given to ‘animal attendant’ Annie to be looked after.

“Within a week Hazel had gained nearly half a kilo!” the organisation said.

“She became more confident and playful.

“She loved to be around Annie’s cats and really followed their lead.”

Hazel had eye-removal and desexing surgery after several months.

But a week after surgery, she “crashed and was in a dire state”.

After months of tests and delicate care, Hazel was ready to find a home.

“She’s now a permanent member of our family,” Annie said.

‘Supersonic hearing’

“She loves to follow me around, will sit with me in the shower, helps me with puzzles and gardening, and will sleep across my chest at night.

“She is adapting to her new, sight-less life well! She is really a remarkable cat, so smart and gets up to no good – a lot.

“She will use her whiskers and paws to feel around to know where to go, she also has supersonic hearing and will hear her food from miles away.”

This story first appeared on 7NEWS and has been republished here with permission.

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