Man who shot cat with a bow and arrow spared jail

The cat’s devastated owner says it’s not good enough.

A man who shot the ginger cat, George, four times with a bow and arrow in July, 2016 has been spared jail time by an Adelaide Court.

Shannon Aubert, 35, was faced charges of animal cruelty after firing four arrows into the body of George, a cat belonging to Imogen Bizilis, leaving him with severe injuries and he was eventually put down.

Aubert told the court that he thought the cat was a stray and had wandered on to his property, which is why he began shooting. George, in fact, was not a stray and was even wearing a collar.


Bizilis told 7 News that she could not believe he walked free from court.

‘He had broken bones. The arrow had perforated his bowel and his liver.

‘He would have been in unimaginable pain.

I wish that he had of gone to jail. I don’t think the penalties for animal abuse are harsh enough.’

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