Keep your pets warm this winter

If you’re feeling chilled to the bone and grabbing an extra blanket in the cold weather, it’s safe to say your pet is feeling cold too.
Grey and white cat in a cube-shaped cat bed with its head peeping out
Cosy at snuggled up in bed

While your dog or cat has some extra insulation thanks to its furry coat, animals feel the cold just like us.

And while they can’t speak to tell you, they have their unique ways of letting you know.

Three key signs your cat or dog is feeling the cold

It’s important to keep your pets warm in winter. According to an article published by The Conversation, researcher, Melissa Starling shares this rule of thumb, “If I can feel [the pet’s] ears or feet are a bit chilly to touch, that suggests their core temperature might be a bit low.”

Aside from cold ears or paws, shivering is the most obvious sign your pet is feeling the chill and would love some extra shelter and warmth.

Keep an eye on your pet’s posture, too. Consider, are they sleeping tucked into a little ball? Or are they walking around with their spine hunched over? These are common signs they might need some extra snuggles to warm up

It’s also important to keep an eye on your pet’s behaviour in the colder months. Because some pets will become more lethargic indoors, avoiding cold floors, sleeping all day or seeking out a patch of sunlight. And some pets let their discomfort known with excessive barking, meowing and even whining. 

In particular, smaller or senior pets are more likely to feel it when the temperature drop. They struggle to retain body heat. However, breeds such as Pomeranians, Alaskan Malamutes or Persians have thick fur and an undercoat to keep warm. Dog or cat breeds with shorter coats really need to make up for their lack of fluff with extra warm bedding or coats. And breeds like Italian Greyhounds or Chihuahuas don’t have much fur. And when they shake in the chilly weather, they’re not just shaking for fun!

How to keep your pets warm

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to welcome your four-legged friend inside . Because, if you don’t want to sit outside in the cooler months, then your dog doesn’t want to be left in a cold kennel either! So you need to keep your pets warm

Now, if you’re trying to save on heating or don’t have an air conditioning unit in your home, the best way to keep your furry friends warm is to help them rug up.

Accordingly, leading pet supplier Petstock has all your snuggly needs sorted with its new winter collection.

So, with a lineup of cosy clothing and accessories, Petstock caters to pooches and cats alike. Specifically, from warm fleece jumpers to waterproof rain jackets and insulated puffer vests, there’s something for every pet. 

Our five top picks from Petstock’s winter range to keep your pets warm

DGG Chunkly Fluffy Knit, $34.97

Brown medium sized dog wearing a blue jumper sitting on a brown leather sofa

Nobody – not even our pets – can resist a cable knit. This chunky knit has been a Petstock favourite for five years. Plus it comes in five stunning colours, including taupe, musk, teal, sage and caramel.

DGG Puffer Jacket Racer, $44.97

Brown dog outside with tress behind it. The dog is wearing a green coat.

Who says puffers are only reserved for humans? Match in style on an outing to the cafe by kitting your dog out in one of these stylish jackets. Also lined with polar fleece on the inside, it’ll keep your pet warm and toasty.

FuzzYard Flipside Dog Raincoat, $64.97

Small dog wearing a grey and white coat

Nobody likes getting caught out in the rain, let alone your four-legged friend. So this water-resistant raincoat features a reversible design so your furfriend can rock a block colour one day, and a fun geometric pattern the next.

Buddy & Belle Bolster Bed, $119

Shaggy dog in a green-blue dog bed with a toy

To best prepare your four-legged friend for winter, you’ll need to invest in some cosy bedding. Available in small/medium or large/extra-large, this pet bed was designed for chilly nights. This bed features a reversible and removable cushion, and it’s easy to chuck in the wash if your pet comes in covered in mud after a wet day.

Lexi & Me Cat Cave, $49.97

A cube-shaped cat cave

All cats love a good hidey hole when it’s cold, and there’s nothing they love more than sequestering themselves somewhere protected and warm. And while most cats prefer to sleep anywhere but an actual bed, this cat cave is sure to pleasantly surprise both you and kitty.

PetStock’s winter range is available both in-store and online here. Get same-day delivery if you place an order by 4pm or select Click & Collect for fast and easy pick-up.

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