How can you tell if your cat likes you?

You love your cat - but do they really love you back? Our expert guide helps you identify the telltale signs that reveal whether they're truly content or not
Erik Jan Leusink/Unsplash

We all know cat love is real – and that you love your cat unconditionally – but how can you tell if your cat likes you?

Although your furry friend can’t share their emotion using words, there are some signs to look for so you know whether they love and trust you or not.

‘Cats can’t tell us how they’re feeling, but if we watch their behaviour closely we can work out a lot,’ writes Susan Hazel in an article for The Conversation in their Curious Kids Series. 

Signs that reveal whether your feline’s happy or not

Depending on your cat’s personality, there are two main signs that could indicate they are unhappy.  

‘The first kind of cat might hide away under a bed or in a cupboard and show no interest in playing or interacting. If it also stops eating and grooming this is likely a sign that it’s not happy,’ Susan explains.

‘The second kind of cat might pace around, or seek your attention by meowing constantly. These cats might follow you around all of the time, and destroy furniture or other things in your house.’

What to look for to know if your cat likes you

So how can you tell if they like you – or preferably – even love and adore you? If they snuggle up to your for a cuddle and a pat, like this blind rescue cat, they probably like you.

“Cats will choose to hang around people they really like, the same as you do with your friends,” says Hazel.

Additionally, “If your cat likes being petted it will probably stay still, close its eyes, and move its head or body so that you rub its favourite places.”

Slow blinking and other telling traits

Other signs are kneading you – otherwise known as ‘making bread’ on you, rubbing their scent on you, slow blinking, licking you or showing other types of affection, which can vary according to age and temperament.

But don’t be offended if your cat doesn’t like the attention you are giving it, all cats are different – and feel vulnerable at times. If there are times they prefer to be left alone, it’s fine to respect that, give them some space, and try another time!

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