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Meconium and Chlamydia? The worst baby names we’ve ever heard

How on earth?

An online discussion about the worst baby names ever has revealed some terrible baby-naming decisions. 


One woman owned up having been named ‘Chlamydia’ because he mother thought it ‘looked pretty’. The woman went by her middle name instead, since chlamydia is also the name of  sexually transmitted infection.


Another woman shared the name Meconium, which may sound like a rare gemstone but is in fact the name for the stuff a newborn baby poops out right after they’re born.


Medical terms seem to be popular but it’s important to look them up first, after one mother named her daughter Catatonia – which describes a coma-like state.



There are risks with sticking to conventional names and deciding to shake up the spelling instead.


One mum was happy to call her daughter Virginia – however when she spelled it the girl came away named V-A-G-I-N-A.


Finally there are the bizarre things that happen when there are two babies to name. One commenter said a pair of identical twins were both named Viola – though one was pronounced Vee-ola and the other Vi-ola despite having identical spelling.


Do you have any names to share?


Via Daily Mail

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