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Too far? Woman reveals her baby’s gender through a FART

The video has quickly gone viral

A woman has taken the trend of gender reveals to another level by FARTING out blue powder.

YouTube comedian Paige Ginn shared the video on her Twitter, where she can be seen lying on the floor in front of a collection of blue and pink balloons.

Wearing just a white shirt, Paige can be seen squeezing out a fart while a cloud of blue powder emerges from her bum.

The camera then turns to her three friends, who break into a celebration of cheers and applause.

The video quickly went viral, already racking up an impressive 14.1 million views.

Many enjoyed the gross but funny post, with one person writing, ‘Literally the best thing I’ve seen on social media in SO long!!!’

Another wrote, ‘Your breaking the internet with your blue butt gas..lmao.’

Someone else simply said, ‘Finally a legit gender reveal.’

 But others were quick to criticize the video, one user said, ‘I’m at a loss. Humanity has definitely taken a hit today.’

Another commented, ‘I’m disgusted.’

It’s unclear whether Paige is actually pregnant or just poking fun at the gender reveal culture, which some say has gone too far.

Earlier this year, a woman died from an explosion at a gender reveal party

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