That’s Money: Date Night Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Looking for ways to save while you look for love?

that’s life’s Ms Moneysaver Samantha Ireland has some tips for keeping costs low on a date night

According to research by ING, Aussie singles are spending an average of $384.28 a month going on dates. That’s almost four times more than what looking for love cost back in 2017.

With the rise in popularity of dating apps people are going on more dates than ever, with an average of $154.16 being spent on first dates alone.

No wonder, when people finally find ‘the one’, they can’t afford to buy a house together!

As wonderful as it is to enjoy a posh dinner and fancy bottle of bubbles there are far less expensive ways to get to know someone. And they’re fun, too!

Keep it casual

Apparently, $66.63 of that first-date dosh is being spent on looking spiffy – clothes, hair, shoes and the like.

Of course, if you’re heading to a classy restaurant there’s a presumed dress code, but a food-truck carries no such expectation.

These days, food trucks offer a far superior dining experience to those lukewarm battered hot-dogs at the local fair when I was a kid, but with fewer overheads they can keep prices reasonable.

Food trucks usually park somewhere centralised so throw on your jeans and trainers, grab something delicious to eat and spend some time walking and talking.

Go stargazing

In high school I was there at the moment my friend Dave leaned close to my friend Tiffany and pointed out constellations in the night sky.

Their relationship was certainly written in the stars because 30-odd years and three-kids later they’re still a fantastic couple.

Conjure some of your own celestial magic by packing a blanket and a picnic basket full of goodies then head out to a park or field where there isn’t much light pollution.

Download the ‘Night Sky’ app to your phone or tablet and use it to help you identify planets, stars, constellations, and the International Space Station.

Dating long distance? The app even lets you star gaze together via Facetime!

Hit the water

Hire stand-up paddleboards, a canoe or kayak and paddle your way into each other’s hearts.

In my area you can hire a two-person kayak for $62 for the entire day.

Exploring the local waterways offers lots of opportunity for conversation and wildlife spotting.

And if the date isn’t working out you can always ditch overboard because the hire fee includes life jackets! Just kidding!

Date Night
Cheap dates means more money for gifts – or treating yourself! (Credit: Canva)

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