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Women take hilarious revenge on man who scheduled SIX dates in one night

They banded together!

This could go down in history as the worst date ever. A woman from Washington DC was shocked when she realised her blind date had scheduled another date on the same night.

Lisette Pylant was even more shocked when she found out he had booked to meet six (yes, SIX) women in one night at the same restaurant.

When the third woman showed up, Pylant decided it was time to team up and “JT Must Die this shit.”

Luckily for us, she live tweeted the entire night…

Hilariously, she said one of the women asked if there was going to be a rose ceremony. 

After making a joke of the situation (and their date), the three women “decided to be best friends, left together to go get drinks at another bar and left homeboy with the bill.”

But it doesn’t end there. As the other women showed up to meet “homeboy,” Pylant enlisted her friend to retrieve them.

“I’m stealing his dates and making them my friends and I’m SO HERE FOR IT,” she wrote on Twitter, adding, “MRS. STEAL YOUR GIRL OVER.”

Pylant posted photos of her and her new found friends enjoying their night together, and they’ve now been retweeted thousands of times.

In one her last tweets, she said, “You win some, you lose some – but hopefully you make three new best friends in the process, cheers ladies, don’t f**k with us.”

A lesson for everyone: don’t f**k with women because they may just live tweet it. 

This article first published on marie claire.

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