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Twisted reunion – she found her long-lost dad then married him

After being reunited with her father, this woman got another shock!

When Samantha Kershner begged her mother for her birth father’s name, the teenager simply wanted to connect with the dad she’d never known.

Tracking down Travis Fieldgrove, they worked on building a father-daughter relationship over three years.

However, the dynamics between the pair changed on September 10, 2018, when both Travis, 40, and Samantha, 21, admitted they’d started a sexual relationship.

Samantha later told police she was motivated by a competition she had with her half-sister to see who could have sex with their father first.

Once the pair got wind that the police were investigating their relationship, Travis and Samantha made a second shocking decision – this time to get married on October 1. 


Samantha and Travis got married
The couple got married (Credit: Facebook)

Travis went on to tell police that because his name wasn’t on Samantha’s birth certificate, he didn’t believe he was her dad.

However, DNA testing confirmed with 99.99 per cent certainty that he was her biological father.

‘Evidence leading up to the arrest suggests Fieldgrove and the daughter were aware of the biological relationship before being intimate,’ the Grand Island Police Department stated.

Both were charged with incest, but Samantha pleaded no contest to a reduced misdemeanour charge of false reporting
and she received nine months’ probation.

Under a plea deal, Travis admitted attempted incest.

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