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I married my stepdad!

They met when she was 14 and later fell in love

Sarah Watkins first met David Hargreaves the day before he married her mother, Ann.

Ann and Sarah.

Sarah moved back to live with her mum and David 12 months later and discovered she got along with her step-dad like a house on fire.

‘Me and David had a natural friendship and enjoyed each other’s company,’ Sarah says.

Both Sarah and David swear their relationship didn’t turn romantic until Sarah was 18 and David had already split-up with Ann, but Ann claims their affair started much earlier and was the catalyst for her marriage falling apart.

In fact, Sarah’s entire family completely disowned her, and when she and David – 41 years her senior – married in 2009, her dog was the only one there to walk her down the aisle.

Sarah and David on their wedding day.
David and Sarah cut the cake.

Now, 10 years and a set of twins later, Sarah, 28, and David, 69, say that despite the family upset, they’re very happy together.

‘It wasn’t the wedding I dreamed of when I was younger,’ Sarah admits. ‘But I had the perfect person to marry so it was still the perfect day.’

David and Sarah today. (Credit: Channel 5.)

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