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My dad has Down Syndrome – and I couldn’t love him more

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A man whose dad has Down Syndrome has spoken about the joy of growing up with a father who has the condition.

Sadar Issa, a third-year dentistry student in Syria, spoke on film for the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD) about his life with his dad, Jad.

‘He was a father, a husband and a family leader for 21 years,’ says Sadar.

Describing a childhood full of love, Sadar says he wouldn’t have his father any other way.

‘A child will grow up in the lap of someone who has Down Syndrome who’s had all the love and tenderness that anyone can offer,’ he says. ‘If I could choose who my father is I wouldn’t think of someone else and I’m proud of him the same way he is proud of me.’

Jad and his wife with Sadar as a baby. (Credit: SSSD)
Jad, his wife and Sadar today. (Credit: SSSD)

Jad works near the family home at a flour mill and Sadar is studying to be a dentist. Sadar says his dad is immensely proud that his son is a doctor.

‘He tells everyone “My son is a doctor”, you can see how proud he is in his eyes,’ says Sadar.

They are sharing their story to change the misconceptions about people with Down Syndrome and what they can achieve in life.

‘During my studies he was the biggest supporter economically and psychologically,’ says Sadar.

The proud son adds that his mum and dad’s relationship is much like any others. 

‘Their relationship with each other is a natural relationship between any possible people. They may disagree sometimes or not. They are having a life full of love,’ he says. 

Jad with his wife. (Credit: SSSD)

Sadar says his dad ‘loves everyone and anyone’ and is a selfless pillar of the community without wanting anything else in return.

‘This man and did everything in my power to make him become a doctor and help others,’ he says.

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