You may now kiss of life the bride

Julie never expected to be saving a stranger's life on her own wedding day!

The day you wed the love of your life is one you’ll never forget – but for this Pittsburgh newlywed couple their big day is particularly memorable.

After their reception, Julie and her groom Andrew were walking to their hotel when they spotted some commotion. ‘We were just about to go through the doors,’ Julie told CBS, ‘and then we heard somebody scream, ‘Does anybody know CPR? Is anybody a doctor’?’

Gown and all – Julie performs CPR on a stranger

Hurrying toward the noise, the couple saw a woman barely breathing on a bench. Julie – a trauma nurse at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital – leapt into action, wedding gown and all.

‘I started compressions right away. They told me she didn’t have a pulse,’ she says. Gradually the woman regained consciousness before paramedics took her to a nearby hospital.

Husband Andrew admires his new wife’s heroic act, but added ‘I’ve known her for long enough, I’m not surprised at all.’

Julie with husband, Andrew.

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