You’ll gasp at this 7-year-old impersonating pop star Taylor Swift


Xia Vigor may only be in primary school but she has blown us away with her performance of Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me’ which has gone viral!


Performing for the Philippines’ talent show ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ where children dress up as famous performers, Xia strutted out in a marching band uniform, with uncanny makeup, and even the perfect facial expressions!

Her father, Alan, says he couldn’t be more proud of his daughter, who has had great success as a child star in the Philippines, and has even been offered work in the United States.


‘She is so smart. She is an incredible girl who seems to know more than you would imagine,’ he told Daily Mail.


‘Sometimes she just amazes me. I think is this really our daughter.’

Some critics say that the performance was creepy and showed a young girl being sexualised, but Xia’s father dismissed the accusation saying his girl is just copying her  idols.


‘She doesn’t wear make up or dress up when she is not on the show. She’s just a typical little girl knocking around in her jeans and trainers,’ he says.

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