Man born without arms or legs says he is living the dream

Such an inspiration!

An Australian man born without arms or legs has turned his life around after being the target of cruel schoolyard bullies as a child.

Diagnosed with Tetra-Amelia syndrome, Nick Vujicic, 36, now shares his story with people all over the world.

After attempting suicide at the age of 10, Nick has since turned his experience with bullying into a positive one by becoming a motivational speaker.

He attends schools, prisons and community groups all over the world to teach others that their worth isn’t dependant on the opinion of other people.

Instagram - Nick Vujicic
(Credit: Instagram – Nick Vujicic)

Appearing on 60 minutes, Nick spoke about how teenagers will often seek direction from other people in their lives.

‘I just want them to know early on that you’ll overcome anything and to not listen to the world when it’s telling you you’re not good enough,’ he said.

Nick openly talks about the very dark period he went through in life, but now admits that he can’t believe how many of his dreams have fallen into place in the years since.

Revealing that he always hoped to fall in love and have a daughter he could walk down the aisle, Nick is now happily married with four children of his own, including twin girls.

Instagram - Nick Vujicic
Nick with one of his children (Credit: Instagram – Nick Vujicic)

Despite his condition Nick has never let it stop him from being active and involved with his children.

He is able to go fishing, play handball with his head and go swimming with his family.

Now a New York Times best-selling author, Nick has written several books including Life Without Limits, Unstoppable, Limitless, Stand Strong and Love Without Limits.

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