Women share their strangest symptoms of early pregnancy

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If you reckon pregnancy symptoms stop at sore boobs, tiredness, morning sickness and baby brain, you’d be wrong: it can get a lot weirder. Take these women, for example. Via Reddit, they revealed the very moment they first realised they were ‘with child’ – and it’s safe to say, we appreciate the heads up.

1. Superhuman sense of smell

“I was actually on my way to buy a pregnancy test, but as I walked in the drugstore the smell of all the perfumes was too much. I threw up on their welcome mat – no warning, I couldn’t even turn my head. I felt ridiculous buying the test, the cashier was looking at me like, you really don’t need to buy this,” via – eatscakesandleaves

2. Feeling faint

“I was babysitting my twin nephews and had stayed over the night before because my sister would have to leave for work very early. We all woke up at about 7:00 and I went to go pee, as I do every other morning. I suddenly felt faint real badly afterwards and had to lay on the bathroom floor. It wasn’t going away so I had to call my mum and she immediately asked, ‘are you pregnant?’ Didn’t even cross my mind before but the next day I bought a pregnancy test and sure enough I was,” via – micronostrils

 3. Different discharge

“My vaginal discharge smelled different the day after the intercourse that got me pregnant. Thought I might be getting a yeast infection, but it wasn’t that kind of smell, there was no change in the amount or consistency, and there as no itch. It was just an odd, kind of metallic smell. It lasted a few weeks,” via – thelaughingpear

4. Uncontrollable gagging

“Oh god. The toothbrush thing. I could be completely fine and as soon as the toothbrush touched my tongue I’d get an intense wave of nausea. So frustrating,” via – bobafetish

5. Aches errywhere

“Oh man, my joints. One day I woke up and could not close my hand, it felt like I had hydraulic hands. Turns out pregnancy effects your joints. I didn’t know, two weeks later a BPF (Big Fat Positive,)” – via aedang

6. An insatiable appetite

“I craved steak. I ate steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for 4 days. My roommate was like, “you’re acting insane. You’re pregnant.” I was totally pregnant,” via – illpetyourcat

7. Luscious locks

“I’ve always had little wispy bangs that I referred to as ‘baby hairs’ because they were short and never grew. I noticed one day that they were suddenly longer. I later figured out that was because I was pregnant. Hormones are weird,” via – sillyribbit 

8. A change of tune

“I suddenly loathed coffee, sweets and cheeseburgers after like, a 10-year uninterrupted love affair with all of the above. It was bewildering,” via – LifterofThings

9. Non-stop nosebleeds

“Bent over in the middle of summer, stood up, blood running down my face. I was with my husband visiting my in-laws. A couple of weeks later we tested positive and when we told them, my brother-in-law said that my mother-in-law told him she thought I was pregnant the day I had the bloody nose. Whaaat?!,” via – dontakelife4granted

10. A weird after-taste

“A few days after conception (I’m assuming), I had the most distinctive taste in my mouth, like I was sucking on dirty coins. Metallic, but not bloody. It was awful, and only lasted for a few minutes. Two pregnancy tests a few weeks later were negative, the third a week later was positive. Never had it before or since,” via – Kissikiss

12. Next-lev nightmares

“I had nightmares. Like I am legit ‘scared and screaming in my sleep’ nightmares. Positive pregnancy test a few days later. Freaky stuff!,” via – Anonymous

12. Intense allergies

“My second pregnancy, I got stung by a bee and had a significantly worse reaction than I’d had with any previous bee sting. The sting was on my shoulder and the entire thing swelled up and I had hives all over my back, neck and chest within an hour. Got a positive pregnancy test the next morning,” via – sarahsaurusr3

13. Protective furry friends

“When I first found out I was pregnant, my dog wouldn’t leave me alone. Ever. Like she was glued to me. It drove me nuts and when I found out I was pregnant it explained it. Recently a friend who’s been trying to get pregnant started complaining about her dog never leaving her alone and being really annoying. Sure enough, she’s pregnant,” via – sometimesiamdead

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health.

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