Dog with no nose finds her fur-ever home

Now she's living her best life!

A dog with no nose who was almost put down because nobody wanted her has finally found her fur-ever home.

Bonnie, a Border Collie cross, was rescued in Romania and was on the verge of being put down due to the extent of the injuries she sustained due to being stray. The pooch was found with her snout missing, leaving a large, open wound, and part of her front left leg missing as well.


Bonnie was brought over to the UK by Beacon Animal Rescue Centre where Kate Comfort, 29, from Canterbury, spotted Bonnie on their Facebook page.

It was love at first site for Kate and Bonnie was officially adopted her a few months later.

Kate, a civil servant, said: “We adopted Bonnie from Beacon Animal Rescue Centre which is run by my best friend Rebecca. She put up a post of her with her beautiful big soulful eyes and huge ears and I just fell in love.

“I had trouble trying to convince my husband at first – as we already had three dogs – but no one wanted Bonnie so I said that I would foster her until we could find her the perfect home.

“The fact no one wanted her made me want her more, she was vulnerable and needed love.” 

“It turned out that her perfect home was our home and we ended up adopting Bonnie ourselves!”

Kate admits she was alarmed by Bonnie’s appearance at first but grew used to it the more time she spent with the pooch.

Kate and her husband, Ross, 31, wanted to gain experience of taking care of dogs with unique needs but ended up falling in love with Bonnie and couldn’t give her up.

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Kate says it was love at first sight when she met Bonnie (Credit: Caters News Agency)

Upon the decision to adopt her, they began fundraising for Bonnie to get a prosthetic leg, but sadly the wound on her stump kept opening up. They were advised to remove it and wished they had done it sooner; Bonnie is now completely pain-free and as agile as the couple’s other dogs.

Kate said: “We thought about paying for Bonnie to have the surgery, but once we realised it would have been purely cosmetic and would have made no positive impact on her life then we decided against it.

“We thought putting Bonnie through an operation to try to make her look more ‘normal’ would have been cruel.”

“Our Bonnie is perfectly imperfect, we love her just how she is and if anyone is offended by how she looks, then that is their problem – not ours.”

Despite some negative comments towards Bonnie, she boasts almost 14,000 followers on Instagram with her pictures getting thousands of likes.

Kate added: “I originally created an Instagram page for her when we were trying to raise money for her to have surgery but, even though the surgery never took place, her followers have grown and grown and we have been overcome by how much impact Bonnie’s life is having on people.”

“She is an advocate for ‘unique’ dogs and we have had so much kindness and positivity, it’s just incredible.”

“In person, most people are amazed by her but again, we have had some negative responses. There have been people who have actively shouted and screamed at Bonnie with one person even trying to kick her.”

“People have referred to her as ‘it’ or a ‘thing’ which hurts my feelings as she deserves the same amount of love as any other dog.”


Caters News Agency
Kate says Bonnie is one of the best things to happen to her (Credit: Caters News Agency)

It’s not certain what happened to Bonnie’s face with all of her nose and front part of her mouth missing, but they suspect it was done by a human when she was living on the streets.

Kate said: “We aren’t totally sure what happened to Bonnie, the girl and her mum who found Bonnie thought it was a train because they had seen her there previously. The other suggestion is that an animal did it, perhaps a fox or a wolf or even a human but we simply do not know.” 

“Despite this, Bonnie isn’t wary of people, so if it was a human, she is very forgiving.” 

“But then again, animals are forgiving creatures – they never fail to amaze me with how tolerant and forgiving they are when subjected to cruelty and abuse.” 

“I prefer animals to humans, I wish we were more like them, which is maybe why I surround myself with animals, rather than people.”

“Bonnie is one of the best things to happen to us and I’m so glad we gave her the home and family she deserves.”

To keep up with Bonnie’s adventures follow her at @bravebonbon on Instagram.

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