These enormous dogs think they’re still tiny puppies!

No matter what their size, our furry companions just want to be near us. But it can be tricky for these dog-lovers!

This golden beast is happy as Larry curled in his owners lap.

Man wonders how long until he’s allowed to get back up again.

It’s hard to say no when a St Bernard want a cuddle!

When an 80 kilo dog wants a cuddle it’s not up to you anymore anyway!

Hope you didn’t want to see the TV!

If you look carefully there’s a human back there somewhere!

Dog seems delighted but is that man struggling to breath?

Hope you didn’t have anywhere to be, mate!

That leg is definitely numb by now.

Forget having the heart to make such a happy dog move – we don’t think anyone has the lower-back strength!

Why the long face?

You got the best seat in the room! On top of your human!

Not only does this pooch sit on his human…

he sits just like a human!

There’s not much you can do when this beast steals the blankets!

The dog can barely fit!

You’re not fooling anyone you big baby.

This pooch may look tough but cuddled up like this he totally gives himself away!

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