True Crime

Killer given 100 years prison after luring pregnant mum with promise of free baby clothes

She had a sick motive behind her evil acts.
Boulder County Sheriff's Office

At seven and a half months pregnant, Michelle Wilkins, 26,  saw an advert on internet classifieds directory, Craigslist, offering free maternity wear. The first-time mum jumped at the chance.


When Michelle arrived at the home of Dynel Lane in Longmont, USA, she was told there were also free baby clothes in the basement. Michelle  agreed to take them.

As she followed Dynel downstairs, the stranger lurched at Michelle and tried to suffocate her with a pillow.

After being hit over the head with a lava lamp, Michelle lost consciousness.

Michelle Wilkins awoke to a horrific sight.

When she came round, she was horrified to see a huge slice across her belly and called police.

Confused and bleeding profusely, Michelle was rushed to hospital, still believing she was pregnant.

Once there, she was given the devastating news that her bub, already named Aurora, had been removed by Dynel while she was unconscious.

Sadly the little girl hadn’t survived out of the womb.

Dynel was arrested soon after. During her trial in February 2016, the court heard that she’d spent 14 months pretending she was pregnant. Her boyfriend had threatened to leave if she couldn’t prove she was really expecting.

So she attacked Michelle and used a kitchen knife to slice open her womb.

Bravely giving evidence, Michelle told the court how she’d cradled her deceased daughter after she found out what had happened.

In April 2016, Dynel Lane, then 36, was found guilty and sentenced to 100 years imprisonment.

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