Woman wins $28,000 after bumping table leg

Judge agreed she deserved payout
Image: Getty

A woman who banged her knee against the leg of a table while sitting down to dinner has been awarded $28,000 in compensation.

Irish hairdresser Annette O’Connor was shown to her table at the Mullingar Park Hotel restaurant by a manager.

When the 48-year-old sat down, she knocked her left knee against a table leg as she pulled in her chair.

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O’Connor claimed her table setting was right over the leg, which was hidden by a tablecloth.

She said the incident, which happened on Mother’s Day weekend in March 2011, had left her with injuries which affected her personal life and her job as a hairstylist.

She was awarded 20,000 Euros (28,000 AUD) after the decision to award her compensation was upheld by Ireland’s high court, who ruled the accident was foreseeable.

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