Volunteers wanted to live rent-free on a paradise island for six months

Two adults required to live there alone
Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service

It might sound like a dream, but this very real role is currently being advertised.

Maatsuyker Island, off the south coast of Tasmania, is in need of two volunteers. They will be required to live alone at the remote location and provide caretaking services.

This includes maintenance of grounds and buildings, plant and equipment, monitoring of all power and water systems, basic land management work, as well as weather observations for the Bureau of Meteorology, for which they receive payment. 

While participants will receive full training, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

The lighthouse tower on the island (Credit: Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service)

The Parks and Wildlife Service website says the weather is frequently cold, wet and very windy.

Volunteers and workers are expected to be largely self-sufficient, including organising and packing their own supplies, the Border Chronicle reports. They can take up to 800 kilograms of food, clothing and bedding, and there is just one resupply trip during the six-month stay.

Applicants must also be able to demonstrate they’ve spent time together in a remote setting.

It is important that the people who are on Maatsuyker at the same time are able to work well together, the ad says.

Sometimes it can be three months before they see another person and along with no internet there’s also no television reception.

If you think you get along well enough with someone, apply at The Parks and Wildlife Service website.

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