Super twins marry twins… now they want babies!

A bond like no other.

Brittany Deane and her twin went on a mission to find identical fiancés.

Here, Brittany, 32 tells the story in her own words.

As fairytales go, ours was a little different to the Disney norm. Instead of a princess finding her prince, there were two princesses in our story and two, ideally twin, princes. ‘It’s twice upon a time, not once upon a time,’ my twin sister, Briana, and I would laugh as kids. ‘And there has to be a double happily ever after,’ we’d say.

Being identical twins was everything to us. As children, our mum, Deborah, 53, dressed us the same but when we got older we found we wore similar clothes without even trying! We liked the same food and music, and chose the same career in law. ‘It’s just the way it is,’ I’d shrug whenever people asked me why. We had our share of weird twin experiences too. When I was rushed to hospital with appendicitis at 17, Briana phoned soon after to check what was wrong with me. ‘I’ve had terrible stomach pains,’ she said, somehow knowing I was sick without being told.

When it comes to men we have similar taste too, but dating ‘singletons’, who we call non-twins, has always thrown up its challenges. ‘He doesn’t get that I already have another half,’ I’d moan to Briana about previous boyfriends. She had the same problem. So finding a pair of identical twin boyfriends to date became our dream. ‘You’ve talked about it since you were little girls,’ Mum laughed. But given we didn’t know many twins, it didn’t seem all that likely.Then, last year everything changed when we went to the Twins Festival in Twinsburg, US. It’s an incredible three-day event where twins come from all over the world to celebrate all things twin.

twin photo
My sister Briana and I do everything together (Credit: Supplied)

At registration, I spotted two boys immediately. I grabbed Briana’s wrist excitedly, and she looked to where I was pointing. The most handsome, dark-haired twins were in the crowd. But much to our disappointment, as we tried to get through to chat to them, they disappeared. We felt like Cinderellas as we spent all weekend looking for them but not catching another glimpse until the final evening. ‘They’re here,’ I squealed, spotting them at the party. Seeing us, they came over and introduced themselves as Josh and Jeremy. ‘Are you girls twins?’ Josh, 34, joked as we got chatting. There was hardly any time to get to know each other before they had to head off. But I think we all knew it was the start of something very special.

Back home, we got a message: It was wonderful to meet you, we can’t wait to see you again next year. We looked at each other and shook our heads. Why wait until next year? I typed back. So they jumped in their car and drove the seven hours to our place that very day! On our first date we took them to Twin Lakes. Although the four of us hung out, it was obvious that I’d paired off with Josh, who was the younger twin like me and Briana liked Jeremy, the older one like her! ‘It’s so good we all just get each other,’ I told Josh, and the boys felt the same.‘I love you,’ Josh told me a couple of visits later. Incredibly Jeremy had just told Briana the same thing!

There was more twin excitement to come. Six months after we met, the boys called to say we’d been asked to feature in a commercial for Twin Lakes. Arriving there in matching outfits, we were trailed by a film crew until we reached a beautiful spot covered in rose petals and candles. ‘Action,’ yelled the director as Briana and I looked at each other in surprise. The boys seemed to know the cue though, because both dropped to one knee and revealed matching engagement rings. ‘Yes,’ Briana and I both screamed independently, but in unison! 

twin proposal
Our surprise engagement (Credit: Supplied)
weddding rings
We are planning a joint wedding (Credit: Supplied)

What an incredible moment to share with my twin. We’re now busy planning our joint wedding on August 4. Briana and I will wear matching dresses, the boys will have identical tuxedos and we’ll be married by twin chaplains. Afterwards we all plan to live together and ideally have children around the same time, but I know that’s not something we can count on! It’s been such a whirlwind fairytale and it’s amazing how it’s ended just as we always dreamed it would – double the love and double the happily ever after.

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