Turia Pitt: Don’t call me a burns victim!

The inspiring mum wants people to know she is a survivor

Turia Pitt is many things: she is an athlete, an author, a mum and a motivational speaker.

But the one thing she doesn’t want to be called is a victim.

The marathon runner, who suffered burns to 65 per cent of her body during a horror grass fire in 2011, refuses to let her appearance define her.

In her latest newsletter, Turia, 31, penned an inspiring message about how she deals with negativity.

(Credit: @turiapitt/Instagram)

‘Here’s something you need to know about me: I’m “different”, not “disfigured,” she wrote.

‘I’m a “burns survivor”, not a “burns victim”. I’m “strong-minded”, not “pushy”.’

Turia, who gave birth to her son Hakavai last year, reminded her fans to change the words they use to describe themselves.

‘Early on in my recovery, I decided that the words I used to describe myself would not be negative. Not then, not ever,’ she added. 

‘The word “disfigured” makes me feel limited, so I never use it. And if other people use that word, I gently remind them that no, I’m not disfigured, I just look a bit different.’

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