Student has spent $10,000 on pet bunny who even has his own room with ensuite

The pampered pet sleeps in a single bed and has a walk-in wardrobe

Sarah Pineda, 23, from Canberra, loves to spoil Cocobunbuns

Hearing a rustle from the baby monitor, my eyes sprang open.

‘Morning Coco!’ I said, gazing at my pride and joy. But the big brown eyes staring at me didn’t belong to an infant. It was my bunny!

Since I’d moved to Canberra for uni, Coco had stayed with my parents, Fazil and Selina, and my brother, Shafique, in Sydney.

But I missed my honey bunny so much, I set up a camera so I could watch him sleep.

The last of the litter, no-one wanted Coco. So from the moment I adopted him, I made a promise – he’d be the centre of my world.

‘He’s your responsibility,’ Mum warned.

But soon, my family was just as besotted with Coco as me. The spare bedroom became Coco’s and he slept in a human-sized single bed. My Coco was spoiled rotten!

After a year, my family moved to Canberra and Coco and I were reunited. Now, he has his very own room complete with an ensuite and walk-in wardrobe to store his clothes and hats.

Sparing no expense, we fork out $200 every few months to purchase the finest hay.

And daily, I nip down to the shops to get him the freshest kale and herbs which he’ll eat from an $80 marble platter.

A clever little bunny, at 4pm every day, Coco will hop down to the kitchen and stare at the fridge until I serve him his favourite – pineapple that I dehydrate just for him.

In the three years Coco has been on the planet, I’ve spent at least $10,000 on him. A polite little soul, he always remembers his manners, giving me two nudges with his head to say thank you.

Call me hare-brained, but there is no-bunny else for me! 

You can find Coco on Instagram @cocobunbuns

This story originally appeared in that’s life! Issue 16, 19 April 2018.

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