Six-year-old girl loses entire family as tragedy strikes again

Can you help her?
The Western Weekender/Go Fund Me

Tragedy struck five years ago when Trevor Gordon lost his wife, Manda and two of his daughters, Maddy and Marissa, in a car accident. 

Now, his surviving daughter, Makayla, six, has been orphaned after Trevor, 35, was killed in a motorcycle crash on Monday. 

‘He lost his partner and two of his daughters earlier and now his youngest, Makayla, has no parents, no family,’ Trevor’s cousin Kristy Armitage told The Western Weekender.

‘How do you explain it to a six-year-old?’ Kristy asked.

‘Being what she has been through, it’s hard.’

Now, the Penrith man’s family is asking for help to cover funeral expenses. 

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