TV presenter opens up about wife who died of cancer after misdiagnosis

'She was sent home to rest. Four days later she was dead.'

UK Sky Sports presenter Simon Thomas is using the devastating news of his wife’s tragic passing to raise awareness about the increasing misdiagnosis of blood cancers. 

According to Thomas, his 40-year-old had flu-like symptoms and was ‘sent home to rest’ by over three doctors in six days. Just four days later, his wife Gemma would pass away.  

Thomas took to his Twitter account to share the death of his wife. 

He pens, ‘Three times my wife Gemma went to the doctor in six days and three times she was sent home and told to rest.

‘Four days after her final visit to her GP she was dead. We have to help and train our GP’s to detect #bloodcancer earlier.’ 

Gemma was reportedly rushed to hospital once her condition worsened. 

She was given intensive chemotherapy treatment however developed bleeding on the brain.

Thomas has since started a blog called A Grief Shared about his family’s experience, talking about the pain being suffered by the couples shared son Ethan, 8.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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