The Block blowout: Scott Cam viciously attacks couple

The moment that stopped the show.

 If there’s one thing Scott Cam knows, it’s The Block.

He’s worked on 11 seasons of the hit Channel Nine show, and after all that time you’d think he’d seen everything. But, as he reveals to New Idea, this season delivered many firsts.

In an upcoming episode, things get so out of hand the 54-year-old is forced to step in on behalf of the whole crew and reprimand one couple.

Ronnie & Georgia
Ronnie & Georgia (Credit: Channel 9)

‘There’s a serious situation that occurs on week five or six. It’s never happened onThe Block before,’ he reveals.

‘I vent, on behalf of the crew, the cameraman and the other contestants. I really unleash on one couple – in a big way.’

While he doesn’t go into specific detail about the incident, an insider reveals the couple in question threaten to leave the show for good.

Josh & Elyse
Josh & Elyse (Credit: Channel 9)

‘The couple threaten to walk off the show, that’s 
a first,’ the insider reveals. ‘They are wasting their opportunity on The Block and it’s incredibly disrespectful to everyone involved.’

With such a serious situation on his hands, Scott divulges he had no choice but to lay down the law on camera.

Hannah & Clint
Hannah & Clint (Credit: Channel 9)

‘It’s a never-before-seen situation. I don’t lose my temper, but I certainly… it’s very full-on. It wasn’t done for TV, but it’s ended up being on there,’ he explains.

‘It was actually legitimate
– like “this is how it’s going to go down”. It didn’t get physical, but it was about my rules and what we expect. You could have heard a pin drop. They [the contestants] were all terrified.

Jason & Sarah
Jason & Sarah (Credit: Channel 9)

‘It needed to be dealt with ongoing and it’s been a really exhausting series for everybody.

‘We’ve got an extremely competitive bunch this season – probably the most competitive we’ve ever had. They’ve treated it as a competition,’ Scott reveals.

‘In the past, there have been lots of people wanting to make friends and win some money, but they forget about the competition side of things. But these guys are here to make money and win, so that makes for some tension.’

Sticks & Wombat
Sticks & Wombat (Credit: Channel 9)

The Block airs Monday to Wednesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, Channel Nine.

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New Idea
(Credit: New Idea)

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