School cops criticism for banning cartwheels and handstands

‘What’s next?’ ask parents.

A Western Australian primary school has come under fire after banning students from doing handstands and cartwheels in the playground.

Bunbury Primary School’s principal, Shane Dougherty, told 7 News the ban, which is intended to be temporary, was brought in because at least ‘two students each day’ were going to the office with wrist injuries from performing handstands and cartwheels.



Some parents are baffled by the decision, asking ‘what’s next?’ and saying ‘kids should be kids’.

‘This is not about stopping kids from taking risks and having fun – but attempting things like flips or handstands on bitumen and sloping grassed areas without learning how to do it properly is never a good idea,’ explains Principal Dougherty.

The school intend for the ban to be lifted once the school administration is confident the kids can enjoy themselves safely.

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