Ralph the dog is reunited with family after accidental train ride in Melbourne

And it's not the first time he's escaped!
Dan Andrews / Facebook

A cheeky dog has been reunited with his family after he ended up catching a train all by himself!

Ralph managed to escape from his Caulfield South, Melbourne, home and jumped on the Sandringham train line, travelling from Elsternwick to South Yarra.

When a fellow passenger realised the canine was on the train by himself, they alerted the driver.

He then ended up riding the rest of the journey in the driver’s cab, before staff escorted him off the train to be picked up.

The adventurous pooch’s owner, Jacqui Majzner, told the Herald Sun he was known as ‘a bit of an escape artist.’

Talking about her Samriever – a cross between a Golden Retriever and Samoyed – she said, ‘he does it regularly.’

‘Once he actually took our other dog to a coffee shop a significant distance away.’

Ms Majzner was at home when Metro Trains phoned to say they’d found her dog, which was before she even realised he was missing.

She added, ‘He was at work with my husband and he normally just lies under the table. But today he decided to take himself for a walk.’

A spokesperson for Metro Trains told the Herald Sun that Ralph brought plenty of joy to staff, saying, ‘It was one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever met, everyone kept giving him hugs and pats.’

Ralph’s big day out caused no delay to passengers and he’s now back with his family.  

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