Cops issuing fines after drivers refuse to speed up

It's illegal to drive too slowly.

Drivers in Perth and in Sydney have been slapped with fines for driving too slowly in right hand lane.

Western Australian police pulled a driver over along the Tonkin Highway after clocking the driver doing 90 in a 100 kilometre zone, reports 7 News.

Tweeting about the incident, WA Police said: ‘In the right-hand lane, doing 90, with one of these behind you (a police car), not overtaking… you’ll be getting a ticket.’

The fine was only $50 which is in stark contrast to a New South Wales driver who was left fuming at her $300 fine for the same offense.

Lena Kasparian’s Facebook rant after being pulled over went viral earlier this month, claiming that she was going to report the officer and that there were ‘no signs’ telling her she needed to change lanes.


Many people have pointed out that while Kasparian may not like it, what she was doing was in fact illegal.

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