The desperate search for Ollie Bear has come to an happy end

Family reunited with the bear they cherish in honour of their stillborn baby Oliver.

A family who were distressed after their teddy bear went missing have been reunited with the special toy.


Tanya Jeney, who turned to Facebook when the bear went missing, has now told of the family’s relief that their “Ollie bear” has come home.


The bear is special to the family because it was given to them on the day their son Oliver was stillborn in 2009.


Tanya wrote on Facebook: ‘Our Ollie bear has found his way home. The fabulous, awesome, kind Brendan from Sydney Buses was at his home and decided to head back in to the bus depot in his own time at 10pm to see if there was anything more that he could do to help us.’


After finding the bear, Brendan drove it to the Jeney family.


Tanya said the eldest of her three sons had been cuddling the bear on the couch since it had returned home.

Source: New Idea

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