Aussie mum receives visit from fake child protection workers

The pair entered the woman’s home and inspected her two babies.

Police and the Department of Family and Community Services have issued a warning after two people posing as child protection caseworkers visited a mother in her Queanbeyan home.  

The man and woman arrived on the mother’s doorstep on Friday afternoon and declared they were there to check on the welfare of her children.Bu the woman had received no prior contact from FACS or police. According to the ABC, the pair also had identification that they claimed was from the NSW Government department. 

At the time, the mother’s six-month-old twins were sleeping so she told the ‘caseworkers’ to return later for the inspection. But the pair insited they could wait for the infants to wake up.

Later, the woman brought the twins into the lounge room and the man and woman inspected both babies and also examined the childrens’ bedroom.

When they left, the suspicious mother contacted Queanbeyan FACS, who informed her that the department has no records of a visit.

According to Detective Chief Inspector Neil Grey from Monaro Local Area Command, police are yet to determine the pair’s motive; no similar incidents have been reported. The mother is still shaken from the “disturbing” incident. 

“She’s holding up OK, but obviously extremely upset that these persons unknown to her, and at this stage unknown, are being able to gain access to her children,” he said.

Det Chief Insp Grey warned all parents to check on government IDs.  

“If in doubt of a government worker’s identity, members of the public should ask to see their identification,” he advised, 7 News reports. 

“FACS have confirmed that all caseworkers in the Southern District carry photo ID with their name, job title and FACS logo and will always present this when visiting a family. 

“If still in doubt, contact the agency involved or contact police who will attend and verify their bona fides.”

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire.

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