Cruel note left on door of mum with autistic toddler

'To allow your child to do that is selfish.'

Mother of two Jessica Green has shared an appalling anonymous letter from a neighbour complaining about her autistic three-year-old – and referring to him as ‘it’.

Green’s son, Henry, is non-verbal and communicates through noises.

The letter, which Green has posted on Facebook, reads as follows:

“Can the parent responsibly [sic] for the screechy, screaming child, who screams continually while it is playing outside be advised that the rest of the residents in Fishers Road are sick to death of hearing your child scream continuously.”

“It gets on everyone’s nerves and there is no need of it. To allow your child to do that is selfish.. Everyone is talking about it and beginning to wonder if the child is actually neglected, as no one in their right mind would allow their child to scream all the time without doing something about it.”

“People can no longer sit out in their garden to enjoy the weather because all we hear is your child shrieking from across the street.”

Green has called the letter “revolting” and says it left her “angry and concerned,” the Daily Mailreports.

She’s shared the letter to raise awareness of autism. “I live in a lovely area in a council property but it is a nice community,” she says. “In this situation you’d like to think the neighbor would come and address you personally.”

“I want to make people aware of autism – they were too quick to make a judgement,” she adds. 

This article first published on Marie Claire.

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