Grieving mum issues mini eggs warning after daughter chokes to death

'I watched the light slip away from my baby’s eyes.'
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A mum has shared her anguish after her five-year-old daughter choked on a Cadbury Mini Egg and sadly passed away.

Taking to parenting blog, she warned other parents to be aware of the possible dangers of giving young children the treats.

“With Easter coming up I want to warn you all about another deadly choking hazard, one that tragically took away my child,” she wrote.

“It has been just short of three years since my precious little girl Sophie passed away she had choked on a mini egg and I was unable to dislodge it.”

In an effort to remove the chocolate from her daughter’s windpipe, she tried slapping her on the back and “pushing up and under her ribs,” but to no avail.

“I had done a first aid course only six months prior to this event so all the techniques to help a choking child were still fresh in my mind,” she explained. “But it didn’t help.” 

“I watched the light slip away from my baby’s eyes, I tried in vain to save her… This seemingly harmless treat took my angel away.”

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health.

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