Mum let her toddler use a potty in public

Would you?

A mother in a pub has shared how she was shocked when she saw a toddler being set up on a potty to go to the toilet in the middle of the dining area.

Sharing the experience with Mumsnet, the horrified mother asked whether this was a normal thing or if she was right to feel put off.

Almost unanimously the fellow mums condemned the potty-going tot and her mum who were grossed out by her story.

One commenter said, ‘not acceptable at all’. While another said the customers should have been kicked out.

While a lot of parents commented on feeling disgusted by it, others said that it hardly helps the kid learn how to use a toilet.

‘Why not take the potty to the toilet and put the child there?’ one asked.

‘They have to learn they can’t do their business anywhere they want.’

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