Mum keeps three-year-old daughter’s body for 11 days

She collapsed on Christmas Day and died five days later.
Getty Images

Ilse Fieldsend was on a Christmas vacation with her family in Egypt when the unimaginable happened.

On Christmas Day, her three-year-old daughter collapsed while they were at the beach and died five days later from a ruptured brain aneurism.

Ilse and her husband James make the difficult decision to bring their daughter’s body back to their home in Surrey, where she remained for 11 days until the funeral.

“I know some will think what we did was shocking, but to us it made sense,” Ilse told The Telegraph.

“Our daughter’s body belonged with us, not in a morgue. Having her at home helped us grieve.”

The grieving parents dressed her in her favourite dress and shoes and kept her in her bedroom up until the day she was cremated.

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