Mum whose daughter was ‘hung from tree’ hit with restraining order

The order was taken out by the parents of the child accused of doing it.

A Perth mum is preparing to battle it out in court after going public with her daughter’s shocking bullying case. 

Belindo Yoon alleges her daughter Amber, 10, was allegedly hung from a tree with a skipping rope, but now she’s facing a restraining order taken out by the parents of the child accused of doing it. 

Ms Yoon has taken to social media to post a very emotional video after receiving the order. 

Belinda Yoon
Belinda Yoon (Credit: 9News)

Speaking to 9News, Ms Yoon said: “Apparently I’ve been driving past their house in an agitated state, for one I had no idea about their first names or even where they lived.” 

Following the incident against Ms Yoon’s daughter, police investigated but no charges were filed. 

The restraining order points to Ms Yoon’s comments to 9News about being unhappy with the outcome of the investigation. 

Ms Yoon plans to fight the summons. 

Amber Yoon (Credit: 9News)

“I’d love to know how they could cause us even more heartache, when we have already hurt enough,” she told the outlet.

“Let us heal, let us try and move on from this and I was trying to do that in a really positive way to try and create change for everybody.”

Amber suffers a raft of medical conditions and is still recovering from the ordeal and no longer goes into the school. 

Ms Yoon believes the latest development is an attempt to silence her.

“It feels like I’m almost getting bullied myself because they just want me to be silenced and I won’t be,” she said, adding she plans to fight for all those affected by school bullying. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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