More details emerge in case of mother who threw her baby out of a moving car

Such a tragedy.

A Californian woman was hospitalised after she allegedly threw her baby girl from a moving car in Bali in November. 

Nicole Stasio, 32, gave birth to her child in September in Bali before she allegedly killed the infant and tried to later take her own life, reports.

According to the publication, a guide and driver told local authorities Stasia had been on the island since July. 

Her parents had joined her for the first 10 days of her trip but were gone by the time that Stasio welcomed her daughter in September, police said during a press conference according to the outlet.

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Working asa yoga instructor and health coach, Stasio had planned to return to California. 

When she arrived at the airport, her driver Wayan Siaj and tour guide Made Arimbawa, who had both been with Stasio throughout the duration of her trip, told police she had changed her mind and asked them to bring her back to the town of Ubud, reports.

“She refused to answer when [the parents] asked about her baby’s father,” South Denpasar police chief Nyoman Wiarajaya told the Associated Press on behalf of the driver and tour guide.

“But she gave the impression that she was unmarried and her family preferred that she give birth to a child abroad, like wanting to avoid something.”

As they drove back, Stasio sat in silence before she allegedly threw her 2-month-old out of the car. 

Siaj and Arimbawa told police they did not notice she had thrown the baby from the vehicle, AP reported.

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Her daughter was eventually found with severe injuries not far from where the tragic incident took place.

The infant later died at the same hospital Stasio was being treated at, VOA Indonesia reported.

Following the tragic events, it was revealed that Statsio was suffering from postpartum depression and had not been updated on her daughters death. 

Now, Daily Mail reports that weeks after the incident Stasio has finally been told her daughter didn’t survive. 

Dove Jeans, Stasio’s aunt, told the publication: “One of the signs of extreme postpartum depression is pushing away the support of friends and family. It’s just one of those conditions that is silent. People won’t talk about it.

They feel like inadequate mothers. They don’t want to share these feelings because it makes them feel like they’re unfit mothers and they’re hormonal so it’s not their fault.” 

An accumulation of things happened to her in the last two months to the point where she maybe felt ashamed of her life, that she couldn’t live up to it and wasn’t worthy.” 

Although she remains in hospital, Stasio’s immediate future looks uncertain with question marks over how long she will remain in hospital and whether or not she will return to the States.

Local police have said they are unlikely to charge her over her daughter’s death due to her severe postpartum depression. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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