Mates walk into local pub for a beer and walk out $3.5million richer

This story is incredible.
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Two good friends were at a Gawler’s Kingsford Hotel catching up over beers when they won the Keno Spot 10 jackpot of $3,529,036.30.

“We’ve been buying Keno tickets jointly for a month or so. We stand right next to the machine and we just watch the Keno screen and have a chat,” one of the winners told News Corp.

“Last night, my mate turned to me and I think his immortal words were ‘I think we got a few numbers in this one’. That’s when we saw the jackpot message pop up on the screen saying the Keno Spot 10 Jackpot had been won at Kingsford Hotel.”

The men plan to split the money evenly, meaning they will walk away with $1.76 million each.

“We’re splitting it but I don’t think either of us really know what we’re going to do yet. It hasn’t really hit home because we haven’t seen the colour of the money,” one said.

Their strategy was to use the same numbers drawn by QuickPick.

“We played the same numbers again three times so it was actually third time lucky,” they revealed.


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