Man’s THREE wives discover each other after rushing to his bedside in hospital


When Melyvn Reed awoke from a triple heart bypass, his carefully juggled secret lives came crashing down.

Melvyn, 59, from Kettering, UK, had three wives, and they’d all rushed to his bedside at once.

More than 20 years into his marriage to first wife, Jean, Melvyn had married Denise. Then, five years later in 2003, he tied the knot again to Lyndsey.

His busy work life as a salesman meant he was free to take frequent ‘business trips’ away to avoid detection.

Melvyn and Jean at the wedding of their daughter.
Melvyn and Jean at the wedding of their daughter.

But after arranging for each wife to visit him in hospital at a different time, his plan fell apart when they mixed up the hours.

Melvyn turned himself in to police soon after.

‘I looked around and thought, “Well done, Melv”,’ he ruefully told the court.

While his second and third wives were devastated, incredibly, Reed’s first wife, Jean, forgave him!

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