Man sent home for breaching dress code has BEST response

He took revenge on his boss’s unreasonable dress standard.

A man was furious when his boss told him that his outfit was inappropriate for the workplace – despite the sweltering heat outside.

Joey Barge decided to wear shorts to his call centre job in the UK, which is currently in the grips of a heatwave. Considering the extreme weather, and the policy allowing women to wear short skirts, he assumed it wouldn’t be a problem.

He was wrong – and after his employee told him off for his unprofessional outfit, he was told to go home and change.

And change he did! into one of his mother’s dresses which – in fact – did pass the company’s dress code.

Posting the photo to Twitter it soon went viral. His employer, having gotten the message, agreed to adjust the dress code to allow shorts in hot weather.

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