Man claims FLORIST is to blame when he got DUMPED on Valentine’s Day

They failed to deliver on time.

Aussie man slams florist after he was left dumped and devastated when his girlfriend’s Valentine’s Day flowers didn’t arrive.

‘Thanks for your awful service and ruining Valentine’s Day!’ he wrote on the business’s Facebook page.

‘My order was never delivered and your phone line is constantly engaged.’

While it wasn’t clear if the flowers were part of a planned proposal, the man adds: ‘Do you know what isn’t engaged? My girlfriend!

‘She’s left me because the flowers I organised were not delivered. Shame on you. I am truly heartbroken because of your inability to do the one thing your company is built on.’

Adding bitterly, ‘Thanks for nothing.’

He wasn’t the only one left frustrated and upset as florists nationwide struggled to keep up with Valentine’s Day demand, with customers saying their sweethearts were left disappointed on the most romantic day of the year.

Though in all honesty if disappointing customer service is all it takes to destroy your relationship then he’s probably better off single.

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